Derek opened for the legendary Last Poets at Lyric Hall in New Haven, Connecticut.

Each artist gave a workshop. Derek's was on composition, song structure and what inspires him to write music.


Derek played electric slide guitar on Belgian sensation Selah Sue's new hit song "Fade Away". It was recorded in the summer of 2012 at Platinum Sound studio in Manhattan with Jerry Wonda. Derek would like to thank ADM From Lords Of Brooklyn who was responsible for connecting him with Selah.

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Jersey Beat review by Joe Wawrzyniakz

Derek Reese really impresses with this lovely, lulling, and gently melodic acoustic soul album... Derek’s smooth and reassuring vocals go over well. Ditto his jaunty and easy dexterity with a guitar. Better still, Reese’s songwriting possesses a warmth, thoughtfulness, and intelligence that’s both affecting and engaging in equal measure.

Performer Magazine review by Emily Taylor

Even if you’re convinced you don’t like R&B music, listen to Derek Reese. The great thing about the album is that each element – the drums, the guitars, and the vocals – is distinct, but they meld together at all the right moments to create a cohesive sound. Each track is full of soul, though a few stand above the rest.

The Aquarian review by George Steffani

Derek Reese’s voice shines through beginning at the first track, backed by a truly remarkable mix of rock, soul and R&B. His music is soothing and relaxing. Most of the songs had a slow tempo, and a soft dynamic.

In Rotation

WUMD 89.3 fm in North Dartmouth, MA.


Derek has provided original music and scores for Nightingale Music, Reserve Music and Rumble Fish Music.

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